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Sleep Laboratory

Arizona Sleep Center has an on-site sleep laboratory with 5 bedrooms operating 7 nights a week to conduct studies called Polysomnography (PSG) to identify sleep disorders in a controlled environment. These studies are conducted overnight in a private room within the clinic using state of the art technology. 

We have highly trained sleep technicians to ensure an accurate diagnosis for the development of a plan of care to improve your sleep. All studies are interpreted by Dr Aynur Okcay for diagnosis and treatment.


In office sleep testing involves coming to our clinic, being fitted with a series of sensors and then sleeping in one of our comfortable bedroom-style sleep lab rooms. In office sleep testing can detect your breathing (both airflow and effort), oxygen levels, snoring, and heart rate. In addition, we may be able to obtain additional information on sleep quality, limb movements, abnormal behaviors during sleep, heart rhythm, or exhaled carbon dioxide levels. The study will conclude in the morning, where your sensors will be removed and then you may return to your daily routine.

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