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About the Medical Clinic


Arizona Sleep Center provides a comprehensive care for all  ages. We specialize in the clinical assessment, diagnosis, management and prevention of sleep and circadian rhythm disorders. Sleep specialists treat patients of any age and use multidisciplinary approaches. Disorders managed by sleep specialists include, but are not limited to, restless legs syndrome, sleep related breathing disorders, insomnia, hypersomnias, circadian rhythm sleep disorders, parasomnias and sleep related movement disorders.

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We are a team of sleep medicine physicians and sleep technicians with extensive experience in the clinical evaluation and management of a variety of sleep disorders across all ages. 


We offer home sleep tests to our patients suffering from sleep apnea. We can send you home with all of the equipment that you need to screen for sleep apnea from the comfort of your own bed! We use state of the art home sleep test equipment.


Arizona Sleep Center has an on-site sleep lab to conduct studies called Polysomnography (PSG) to identify sleep disorders in a controlled environment.

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